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Reviews app with has seen an uplift in conversions power UGCs for the fastest-growing Shopify & Shopify Plus stores - like,,, Hickies, SandCloud, Linjer and more, increasing sales using their customer's words.

How Does Help Your Business using Reviews?

We have one sole purpose: to increase social proof for your store which will lead to increase sales, and this is how:

7 User-Contents that matters

  1. Product Reviews: In-email review form for customer’s convenience
  2. Checkout Reviews: Micro-reviews app always with positive sentiments
  3. Video Reviews & Photo Reviews: Increase Social proof with visual contents
  4. Instagram Shoppable Gallery: Curate & Showcase Instagram Photos with a Shoppable experience
  5. Community Questions & Answers: Engage past customers to answer questions and gain a loyal community
  6. Net Promoter Score Survey: a Proven methodology that translates customer’s happiness to sales
  7. Multi-Channel Review Sources (beta): Collect reviews contents where your customers are: Facebook, Aliexpress, Etsy, Klaviyo and more

Marketing & Upselling

  • Facebook Reviews Tab
  • Smart Product Recommendations
  • Incentivize Coupon for Writing or Sharing Reviews
  • Facebook & Instagram Retargeting Ads
  • Social Push reviews to drive traffic from Facebook and Twitter

Boost your organic traffic

  • SEO-optimized Widgets for Reviews and Q&A
  • Showcase star ratings on Product & Collections pages in Google Search, increasing site ranking
  • Showcase reviews in Google Shopping to boost CTR

  • Instant loaded reviews (inline-HTML) increase page speed

Fits your brand Reviews

  • Emails and reviews app widgets are 100% Customizable to fit your brand
  • Custom Forms, add attributes to Customer’s reviews profile (e.g. fit, age, waist, etc)
  • Email Sequence personalize reviews app email subject, message, layout and intervals

Advanced Options

  • Shopify Liquid
  • Product Groups
  • Anonymous reviews
  • Blacklisting
  • Reviews moderation and commenting
  • Multi-lingual
  • Reviews Syndications across multiple stores
  • Custom Redirect URL
  • Reviews Insights & Sentiment Analysis (A.I. powered)
  • Reviews filter and Custom Form
  • Point-of-Sales support
  • GDPR Compliant

Grow with with free (forever!) plan

Import your reviews for social proof & history orders in one-click, and start collecting reviews within minutes!

Affordable pricing

Our plan with advanced features starts at only $15/month.

How do I get started?

One-click install. Get up and running with minimal effort.

Get free email credits emailing to past 3 months of orders

World-class support

Our Success Manager is available 7 days a week!

Join thousands of Merchants using Shopify's reviews app and get your Stamp of approval from your Customers today!

Integrates with

  • migrate reviews from product reviews / loox reviews / yotpo reviews / reviews / conversio reviews / trustspot reviews,
  • easily import reviews with csv from etsy / ebay / amazon / aliexpress reviews / ryviu / ali reviews / and any other source,
  • reviews marketing with social integration with instagram - facebook - twitter,
  • reward reviews with apps integration - loyalty lion &,
  • automation for reviews - zapier / webhooks

Platforms Supported



  • Up to 50 orders/month
  • History Orders Import
  • Social Share
  • Reviews Commenting
  • Rich snippet
  • Display Reviews Widgets
  • Facebook Reviews Tab
  • More!
  • Up to 200 orders/month
  • Incentive Coupons
  • Checkout Reviews
  • Advanced Email Customizations (full HTML edit)
  • Email Sequence
  • Display Widgets
Lite plan
  • Up to 50 orders/month
  • History Orders Import
  • Social Share
  • Reviews Commenting
  • Rich snippet
  • Display Reviews Widgets
  • Facebook Reviews Tab
  • More!
Basic plan
  • Up to 200 orders/month
  • Incentive Coupons
  • Checkout Reviews
  • Advanced Email Customizations (full HTML edit)
  • Email Sequence
  • Multiple Display Widgets
  • Up to 500 orders/month
  • + All features in Basic
  • Photo Reviews
  • Upsell Products
  • Social Push
  • Manual Review Request
  • Custom Forms
  • Up to 1,500 orders/month
  • + All features in Premium
  • Community Q&A
  • Photo Reviews
  • A.I. Sentiment Analysis
  • Collections rich snippet

Curated Reviews (3)

Wish I had known this came out sooner! I have two Shopify stores, my other store uses a competitor's app and this store uses Reviews Addon and I like it so much more. I just installed this app and it was a breeze to configure and use. I have been waiting for about a year for something like this to come out and would really step up the game for the Shopify reviews app. The company that we purchased our Shopify store's theme from built in the functionality of Shopify reviews within our theme, and I wanted to install the Shopify reviews app sooner, but it didn't offer all of the features I was hoping for it to have...that is until now :-). I also could have downloaded other review apps, but since our theme was made to specifically integrate with the Shopify reviews app I figured I would wait, plus I couldn't justify paying so much money for similar apps that do what this one does. 

This app is intuitive, easy to install, easy to use/moderate and extremely customizable. I love that it offers dynamic or static coupon codes and the option to offer customers the chance to take a picture of their item to share on their review as well. 

The best thing about this app and what I personally think sets it apart from their competition is the amount of control you have over all aspects of the app. I love the fact that I can exclude items from review by simply entering a tag (we use another app for recurring subscription services on this store and it creates hidden products on our admin and we don't want to send reviews/recommendations for these items) which is really nice! I love that I have control over the items that are featured within the review email product recommendations, the smart share feature, social push, and the individual options you have when it comes to the "widgets" you can add. You can also import sales you had previously and send your previous customer's a review request email to help get the reviews started on your store as well. They really have thought of everything!

Extremely impressed!

Wow this app is so awesome! Not only does it make it super easy to automate the collection of customer reviews, but it looks really great with the widget to highlight our reviews on the site, which drives more traffic and customer conversion. The best part of the app is that the team is super responsive to all questions, always emailing us back within a few minutes. Beyond that, they even have installed settings for us so that we don't have to spend time figuring it out and can focus on our business. This is definitely the best Shopify app for reviews, and we recommend it to anyone with a shopify store. Thank you team!! Keep up the great work :) is one of the best that I have come across. It seamlessly blends all my reviews with the Shopify reviews tab, so I do not have to keep uploading css files every time i get a review. I have seen a more than 20% increase in my sales that can be directly attributed to the photo reviews that are a crucial part of this app. 

The support team is very fast and friendly, and I can't wait to see what more this app can do for my store. 

Highly recommended.