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Recover Abandoned Carts via Web Push Notifications
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PushOwl - Highest rated web push notification app

Trusted by 100s of Shopify Plus stores for their push notification marketing, PushOwl works straight out of the box without requiring further setup and will help you with customer retention.

Beeketing alternative

Shopify announced the removal of Beeketing & BoostFlow apps: Countdown Cart, Happy Email, Mobile Converter, Recover Cart Pusher, Checkout Boost, Mailbot Email Marketing. PushOwl is officially suggested as an alternative.

Recover carts with automated abandoned cart recovery

The biggest problem faced by merchants is dealing with abandoned carts, which translates to a huge loss in potential revenue! PushOwl’s abandoned cart reminders let you customize a sequence of 3 automated push notifications, to recover orders (=recover sales) and win back this lost revenue!

Built for Scale. Shopify Plus Scale

Enterprise stores get a dedicated Account Manager to devise a tailor-made push notification strategy. Google Analytics can be used to track clicks and conversions for your push campaigns (no additional setup). Create automatic workflows via Shopify Flow. Free migration support: Import your existing subscribers from Firepush/Aimtell/Hextom/iZooto/etc via FCM project.

A modern medium for a modern world

Website push notifications are a new marketing channel. Since it is an underutilized medium, your brand can stand out by keeping subscribers engaged across channels. Push notifications will provide a boost to your social media and email marketing efforts - and finally take care of cart abandonments (like an abandonment protector).

Learn more: blog.pushowl.com

Your visitors will love it!

Opting in for push notifications needs just 1 click, making it easy for your visitors to subscribe. You are able to target both desktop and mobile (Android) visitors by sending them push notifications even after they have left your store (web push retargeting).

Sales & Marketing Automation

Simplify your marketing workflow with useful automated webpush notifications:

  • Abandoned cart reminders (Order recovery)
  • Price drop
  • Back in stock
  • Shipping
  • Welcome
  • Flash sales

Advanced capabilities

  • Product images automatically added to all automated push messages (like abandoned cart reminders)
  • Subscriber data will automatically be synched with account data
  • Personalized push notifications w/ subscriber details
  • Shipping notifications with tracking url
  • Send automizely messages

Connect with top rated Shopify apps

  • Review Push - Loox, Stamped.io, Judgeme
  • Wishlist - Growave (formerly SocialShopWave)
  • Now Back In Stock
  • Plobal Apps
  • PWA Apps - PWA by Ampify Me & Litefy
  • Fera - Urgency, Social Proof & Timers

Recommended Apps

  • Recart Messenger Marketing
  • SMSBump SMS Marketing (SMS Bump)

Integrates with

  • Litefy,
  • Stamped.io,
  • Judge.me,
  • Loox - Photo Reviews,
  • Fera.ai,
  • Octane AI

Platforms Supported



  • 500 impressions
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Notification Scheduling
  • Back-in-stock Automation
  • Price Drop Automation
  • Basic Reports
  • 10,000 impressions
  • All Basic Features
  • Abandoned Cart Automation
  • Shipping Notifications
  • Hero Image Support
  • Subscriber Details
  • Import / Export
  • 50,000 impressions
  • All Business Features
  • Flash Sales
  • Smart Delivery
  • Account Manager
  • Integration Engineer

Curated Reviews (3)

I have been using Pushowl for a couple months now and it has been great! Honestly, I haven't really even started sending out my own campaigns, just building up subscribers and letting the abandoned cart notifications do their work. We have had almost an 80x ROI on that alone. You read that correct 80x!! I'm excited to start sending out some custom notifications.

If you are looking for a push notification app, look no further. This is the best, easiest to use and best functioning push notification's app on the Shopify marketplace. We have had thousands of people sign up and it has boosted our revenue by 15% in less than one years use. It really works great as an additional channel to reach your customers with promotions, separate or in conjunction with your mailing list and abandon cart emails. To top it all off, they have great customer service. All this at a price you cannot beat. You will not regret it!

PushOwl is a necessity for abandoned cart recovery, marketing outreach, and a great resource if your email marketing has slowed down. The team at PushOwl is absolutely awesome and not only provides super fast customer support but also helpful strategies and tips. I've used this app personally on 3 stores I am part of including one for Shopify Plus and it's been nothing but great to use.